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The must-have Azure DevOps time logging app. This simple extension allows each user to log time against every task. Completed and remaining time are updated automatically resulting in much more accurate time recording and better planning.

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TimeLog is an Azure DevOps App that allows you to easily track and manage your team’s time spent on tasks and projects. With TimeLog, you can gain insight into your team’s productivity and identify any areas where improvements can be made. With its intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily log time, assign tasks, and view detailed reports. Whether you’re a project manager, developer, or team lead, TimeLog is the perfect tool to help you stay on top of your team’s work and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. 

Auto Updates

“Completed” time and “Remaining” time updates automatically.


Accurate Reporting

Time is reported more accurately against projects and time types.

Progress Across Projects

Track time spent by each individual on each task or project.


Capacity can be set accurately based on actual values.

Waste Recording

Waste can be recorded, monitored and reduced.


Full REST API support allowing TimeLog data to be easily integrated into your existing systems.

150 +
Million Time Logs
14000 +
400 +
Million Hours Logged

Manage time per work item

Users quickly record time spent on each task via the “Time Log” tab.

Logging time is quick and simple and keeps the completed and remaining time on the work item updated automatically.

Rest API

The new REST API has a query endpoint which includes filtering and returns the individual logs and their time for the filter requested. The filters include work item, user, project ID, created, updated and logging date ranges so you can extract the logs as you need with all the time data and time types. Users are already using this REST API with Power BI and other tools to integrate with their in house systems with great results.

TimeLog Summary

Using the time log summary each user can quickly see their logged time by selecting a week, a month or any date range.

The time logged for the members of each team can also be shown.

Log Time To Many Users

Simplify logging time for meetings and ceremonies by logging time to many users at once

Auto Assign Work Item

TimeLog can automatically assign the first user logging time to a work item if no user has been assigned 

Auto Start Work Item

TimeLog can automatically set the status when the first user logs time to a work item if not started

Time Log Admin

Create time types so time can be broken down for reporting purposes and planning. Time types can be added to a specific project or available to all projects. They are accessed via the Project Settings menu. Under the Extensions section, there is “Time Log Admin” option.


If you have sent data to another application and want to stop changes before this point then this is easily done.

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Limited to 400 Time Log records each month
Record time per work item
Set "Complete and "Remaining" automatically
View Summary by user and team
Manage time types
Not recommended for larger volumes


£ 50
/ 1,000 Time Log Records Created
All the free features and:
Much better performance
Amend time logs
Amend time types
Time types can be added to a project
Collapse summary by project, user and week
Lockdown updates
Import of data
Much more….
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